How did this tree get big!!!?!

So many of my clients are surprised that the little sapling they planted is now a huge tree. It's important when you plan your garden and start planting trees to understand how big they will grow and to keep them maintained in a way that supports how you use your garden. Arborists can help your tree grow in the shape and direction that you want so that the garden is perfect for your family. My blog has tips for the home owner on keeping your tree healthy and, of course, tips on when to use an arborist to get the perfect result.

6 Weed Management Tips


If you have weeds growing everywhere in your garden, you may find that they can be difficult to handle. This article provides details of some steps you can take to manage them and keep them under control. 

1. Know your enemy

The first step to take during weed management is to know your enemy. There are about 250,000 species of weeds worldwide, so it's essential to identify the specific weeds that are a problem in your area. Once you know what weeds you're dealing with, you can develop a plan to control them.

2. Pull them up by the roots

A very effective way to control weeds is to pull them up by the roots. This will prevent them from regrowing and help reduce the spread of weed seeds. If you want to avoid getting dirty hands, you should use a weeding tool such as a trowel or hoe to lift and remove the weeds.

3. Use mulch

Mulch is a material placed over the soil to help control weeds. You can make mulch from organic materials such as bark or leaves or inorganic materials such as plastic or gravel. Mulch helps to prevent the seeds of weeds from germinating and also helps to reduce evaporation from the soil.

4. Use herbicides

While herbicides can effectively control weeds, they can also harm humans and the environment if they are not used properly. Therefore, it is super important to read the label carefully and follow the directions when using any type of herbicide.

5. Cover the ground with fabric

Another fantastic method of controlling weeds is to cover the ground with fabric such as landscape fabric or black plastic. Doing so will help to prevent sunlight from reaching the weed seeds, preventing them from germinating. You can place fabric over garden beds, walkways and other areas where weeds are a problem.

6. Keep your garden clean

A well-maintained garden is less likely to have problems with weeds than an untidy one. Removing debris, such as dead leaves and twigs, will help discourage weed growth. In addition, tilling the soil can help to prevent weeds from taking root. By keeping the garden free of debris and cultivating the soil regularly, you can create an environment that is hostile to weed growth and ensure that your garden remains healthy and weed-free.

Contact a garden service today if you want further help with weed management.


11 October 2022