Safety precautions for tree removal


Tree removal, while an essential process, can present some risks and hazards. You can mitigate these risks by taking some safety precautions, including: Inspect the area Before tree removal, you should inspect the area around the tree for any safety hazards. If your tree needs removal due to a bad storm, then there may be electrical wires and broken tree branches. Always inspect the tree to check whether broken branches lean over any power lines and it's structural integrity.

27 September 2019

Three Tips For Pruning Your Shrubs This Autumn


The hot days of summer are finally over, and now that autumn has arrived, it is time to take care of all garden maintenance before winter begins and your plants stop growing completely. If you are someone who wants to prune their shrubs but who has never tackled this task before, here are three tips to help get you started. If you do get stuck along the way, remember that your local arborist is able to help with both shrub and tree pruning advice.

25 April 2019