How did this tree get big!!!?!

So many of my clients are surprised that the little sapling they planted is now a huge tree. It's important when you plan your garden and start planting trees to understand how big they will grow and to keep them maintained in a way that supports how you use your garden. Arborists can help your tree grow in the shape and direction that you want so that the garden is perfect for your family. My blog has tips for the home owner on keeping your tree healthy and, of course, tips on when to use an arborist to get the perfect result.

Wholesale Nursery – Consider These Native Plants to Brighten Up Your Garden


If your garden has started to lose its lustre and you are thinking of a complete makeover, you may want to deliberate on buying some new plants from your local wholesale nursery. However, it is also crucial to be aware of the needs that your new plants will have. For instance, exotic plants will immediately make your garden breathtaking, but these plants require hands-on maintenance to stay healthy. A better option for homeowners who are not inclined to spend hours on end in their garden is native plants. Here are a few of the native plants that you can purchase from your wholesale nursery to brighten up your garden.


If you want to introduce an aromatic fragrance to your garden, then sweetpea will be a great inclusion to your garden. These delicate plants have a honeyed, lingering scent and this makes them perfect for outdoor living spaces. Furthermore, since sweetpea needs to be supported, you can grow the plants on your patio screens, on your timber railings or even on your perimeter fence.


Hydrangeas are a favourite native plant since they can easily be replanted from cuttings. However, while hydrangeas are native to Australia, they need a considerable amount of water to stay hydrated. Thus, if you already have an irrigations system in your garden, then hydrangeas will thrive. Make sure that you erect a shelter, more so during the throes of the summer, to protect these plants from wilting.


Poppies, granted, are one of the most traditional blooms you can add to your yard. Nonetheless, "traditional" does not necessarily have to translate into old-fashioned. In recent years, these flowers have seen an increase in popularity. And this resurgence can be attributed to the fact that growers are now experimenting with the colours of the poppies as well as the size of the blooms! Therefore, if you want to inject a splash of colour into your yard, then poppies are a fantastic choice.


Hollyhocks are one of the blooms that have a striking wow factor because of their height. These flowers can grow several metres tall, which means they will be a focal point wherever you grow them in your yard. Their great height is also excellent for experimenting with as you can plant these flowers in a row to create a natural barrier that will delineate different areas of your garden. Not to mention that hollyhocks tend to flower in the sun, making hot climates perfect for this bloom.


18 November 2018