How did this tree get big!!!?!

So many of my clients are surprised that the little sapling they planted is now a huge tree. It's important when you plan your garden and start planting trees to understand how big they will grow and to keep them maintained in a way that supports how you use your garden. Arborists can help your tree grow in the shape and direction that you want so that the garden is perfect for your family. My blog has tips for the home owner on keeping your tree healthy and, of course, tips on when to use an arborist to get the perfect result.

Reasons Why Tree Pruning Is Necessary


An assumption some people make regarding tree pruning is that it is only necessary if they see dead branches on their tree. In reality, pruning is one of the integral services carried out to ensure tree maintenance as it provides a host of benefits. Knowing when to spot the signs that would indicate your tree requires pruning can significantly help in reducing the risk of having to resort to complete tree removal. Here are some of the reasons why it is necessary to hire professional arborists to carry out tree pruning.

Pruning to beautify your landscape

Simply having trees in your yard does not automatically translate into enhanced kerb appeal. Your trees need to be in good condition if they are to stay aesthetically pleasing. Occasional tree pruning will ensure that your trees have a uniform shape, which contributes to a beautiful yard. Moreover, the tree pruning also functions to strengthen the structure of the tree, as there will not be parts of the crown that are heavier than other areas. Without regular tree pruning, your tree can become overgrown and look unkempt.

Additionally, lack of tree pruning causes uneven growth of the tree branches and could cause your tree to lean to one side. It should be noted that tree pruning should not be carried out haphazardly, as this could stand the risk of damaging healthy tree limbs. As such, it is always recommended to enlist professional services as they would know how best to trim your tree.

Pruning to manage hazardous trees

Another reason to engage in routine tree pruning is to ensure that your trees are not becoming a potential hazard on your property. One of the most common problems that come bout from neglected trees is their limbs encroaching on utility lines. If the growth of the tree is not managed, the branches could easily disrupt power supply in your area. In some worst-case scenarios, the tree branches could end up causing an electrical fire, which causes further risk of property damage to both you and your neighbours.

It should also be noted that tree branches that are overhanging on the side of the road could become an obstruction, posing the risk of car accidents. Lastly, an overgrown tree can become a headache to your neighbours as it blocks adequate sunlight to their yard. It is recommended to invest in occasional pruning from the professionals to prevent all of these problems.


26 May 2017