How did this tree get big!!!?!

So many of my clients are surprised that the little sapling they planted is now a huge tree. It's important when you plan your garden and start planting trees to understand how big they will grow and to keep them maintained in a way that supports how you use your garden. Arborists can help your tree grow in the shape and direction that you want so that the garden is perfect for your family. My blog has tips for the home owner on keeping your tree healthy and, of course, tips on when to use an arborist to get the perfect result.

Steps to Take When a Tree Falls in Your Backyard


Several factors can cause trees to fall, some of which are beyond your control. If there are strong winds or heavy storms in your area, they can make large tree branches to break and tree trunks to splinter and split. Such environmental factors are beyond human control, especially during the winter. However, if you don't maintain and regularly inspect your trees, they can contract diseases and weaken. When a tree falls on your backyard for whatever reason, it is essential for you to take the following steps to ensure your safety and protect your property.

Assess the damage

The first step is to inspect the damage caused by the tree so that you can determine the best way to handle the situation. There may be minor damage where only the smallest branches of the tree have been injured, and there is no permanent injury to the tree. In this case, you can clean up the broken twigs and branches. However, if the destruction is extensive, large tree branches may have fallen and destroyed a part of your property. In severe cases, the entire tree may have been injured. You should not try to tidy the mess without calling a professional tree removal company.

Check for snags

If the damage caused by the fallen tree or branches is severe, you need to check for anything that the tree may have connected with as it fell. It may be the storage barn in the backyard, an awning, part of your home's roof, or even electric lines. Do not try to move the tree, especially if it's still hanging over a structure as it could hurt you. If any electrical or utility lines have been taken down, avoid touching them as they could still be active. Call the professionals so that they can get rid of the tree and hopefully repair the damage.

Take photos

You may require your insurance company to cover losses incurred and pay for repairs that may have resulted from the fallen tree. If so, you need evidence of the scene before the tree removal specialists clean out the area. Take photos of the fallen tree and all the parts of your home that have been damaged. You will use these pictures as you fill out your insurance claim. Also, remember to call you insurer so that they can send someone to the scene to assess the damage.

Once you have taken care of the fallen tree, ask the tree removal specialists to inspect the other trees in your property so that you can avert similar calamities in the future.


21 March 2017