Six Reasons You Should Use Treated Pine For Your Treehouse Building Project

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Popularly used in many outdoor applications, treated pine is an ideal choice for a treehouse. If you are thinking about building a treehouse or a playhouse for your kids, treated pine may be the best option. Here are five reasons why you want it included in your project: 1. Treated pine is affordable One of the reasons treated pine is so popular in building projects is its cost. This wood is typically cheaper than alternatives such as oak.

17 April 2015

When Trees Go Rogue: Facts You Need To Know About Tree Disputes With Your Neighbours


In March 2015, a two-year-old Victorian toddler was killed when a gum tree fell onto the family home during a storm. While this tree was on council property, there have been plenty of other instances of property damage caused by trees that were part of a continued dispute between neighbours. With winter on its way, this is the last chance you have to arrange maintenance for trees on your property, and to come to an arrangement about those that are overhanging into your neighbour's yard.

14 April 2015